“You have 1 new notification!” – A look at Social Media

“You have 1 new notification!” – A look at Social Media

We’re a generation of internet obsessed, tech savvy geniuses! We were lucky enough to be born at the start of a technological revolution and we probably can’t imagine life any other way. However particularly in recent weeks I’ve noticed how the internet has consumed so many people.. And my battery. Flicking through my phone the other day It hit me how much time I spend on social media accounts, and it got me wondering: how many DO I have? *deep breath*: Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat, YikYak, Messenger, Instagram, Hotmail, Gmail, WordPress, Whatsapp, Tinder and Viber. So that’s 12. Twelve. T-wel-ve.

Facebook was my first social media account, made during the days of Farmville, Status Shuffle, and liking 10,000 pages that you now regret 5 years later. Nowadays1000px-Facebook_Logo_Mini.svg I only use Facebook  for posting photo’s, and keeping in touch with maybe 10 friends I can’t reach any other way. However I still waste an awful lot of time scrolling through my News Feed every day, mostly liking photos and videos, usually of an animal being silly or a movie trailer. I’ve noticed the change over time in how we use Facebook, when I started out in 2009 we were a product of our generation: teen disco duck-faces and cars for profile photos. Now we’ve all branched out and become independent of each other, but most of us don’t post status’ anymore, am I the only one that’s noticed this? One thing I’m particularly aware of with Facebook and Instagram is that we only see the good, the awesome, and most exciting parts of our friends life. I’ve never seen a selfie from a funeral, break-up or necrotic hangover. We want to show off how great our lives are while choosing to hide away the bad. Twitter_logo_png-4

Twitter is by far my favourite and most used account. It’s where I can put all my thoughts no matter how strange or random, and nobody cares! And anything too strange or twisted can be posted to YikYak, how great is that! I personally feel my friends don’t fully know or understand me until they flick through my twitter, 80% of my thoughts get tweeted most days. It took me a while to get used to it, it’s difficult transition from Facebook. I’ve met some great friends through twitter (Ye know who ye are), and strange as it sounds, I’ve never met them (Except Katie who insists on a special shoutout). If it wasn’t for social media I wouldn’t know these people and wouldn’t be able to talk to them at all!

Viber & Whatsapp are social media I can do without. I have Whatsapp to keep in touch with some college friends, but group chats wreck my head when in full swing (Sorry). I could add Facebook Messager in here too I suppose. I don’t like the seen/read status, it’s handy but I don’t like it. It promotes paranoia for the sender, in a sense of “Oh my god they’ve seen it but why haven’t they replied yet!? 😰“, or simply checking every few minutes to see if there seen your message. I understand the use of online messaging, but call me old-fashioned but I’d rather get a text than a notification! tinderlogoI’ve a mixed opinion of

Tinder. I first downloaded it in February for something to do at the back of Calculus and chemistry lectures, not expecting much to come of it. I don’t like the idea of online dating, it makes me uncomfortable for some reason? I normally like to know the girl as a person before I get to know her. Yet, it worked somehow, despite my reservations and hesitation. However I’ve since deleted the app, although it served its purpose it’s still a no from me, can’t hide behind a screen forever!

What I’ve gathered from my twelve social media accounts (TWELVE) is that it’s a massive new medium for people to make new friends and learn more about yourself. Through them, I’ve met some great people. I’ve also learned online dating isn’t for me, I should own a Blockia, and like too many photos on Facebook. I over-use my social media time, waay too many hours spent online for my liking.

Unfortunately this over-use, and I’ll nearly go as far to say addiction, follows us wherever we go. A lot of our lives revolve around our phones in particular and no night out is complete without a few selfies and Snapchat story updates. If you go out to dinner in a restaurant, you’ll notice an increasing amount of people spend the time waiting for their food, on their phones. Sometimes I’ve seen couples looking at their phones more than each other, which makes me lose a little faith in our generation. Even if we don’t use our phones, they’re usually face down on the table: Knife, Fork, iPhone!

As personal rule I try never check my phone on a night out unless it’s a text/call, and it stays in my pocket otherwise. Not the worst idea considering how long I spend on my phone normally. There was a time when I may get one text a week, yes A WEEK! Those were simpler times, and I don’t see anything wrong with simple.

*Logs out*


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