“She’s so stupid!” – The Blame Game

“She’s so stupid!” – The Blame Game

I’m not normally one to voice my opinion on society’s inner workings. I don’t get involved in feminism, animal rights or religious debates normally, I have my own opinions on them but doesn’t mean I need to tell everyone I meet. But a story that recently popped up on the interweb and how people have reacted to it have rubbed me up the wrong way.

Pippa McKinney went viral after she met Matty Steven on a night out in Manchester a few weeks ago. The pair met in a nightclub and hit it off straight away, got the shift, swapped numbers and went their separate ways at the end of the night. Next morning Pippa discovered the number she got was wrong and didn’t work when she tried to contact him. While she got a number, she also got a photo with him and decided to post this on Facebook to try track him down.

Granted if most people got a dodgy number they’d say “Ah well” and 200move on, but she was hoping Matty would be her prince charming or something and this photo the glass slipper. Not long after the photo went up, he was found!… after his girlfriend was tagged in the photo!

So Pippa got with Matty while Matty already had a girlfriend. Scandalous! This came up in conversation during the week after college one day. The articles were read and outbursts of laughter exchanged. As far as I could gather, the general consensus was that Pippa was to blame for being so stupid.

Comments were passed along the lines of “She’s so stupid! How could she think that it was a good idea to post that photo? She’s only herself to blame for all the abuse she’s getting now!

At this point my blood was boiling. I had to excuse myself from the conversation to avoid an argument. Why was it all Pippa’s fault? Why did she deserve abuse? She’s human, she did what thousands of us students do every week: Fall for someone on a night out. I’m not in full support of everything Pippa did, she could have easily dropped the whole thing and not posted to Facebook. And she could’ve handled the aftermath a bit more discretely.

But I don’t think Pippa is the bad guy here. Yes she got with a guy that has (had!) a girlfriend, but she didn’t know that. Matty went to the club and cheated on his girlfriend, how is he not the bad guy? Anyone that knows me will know my stance on cheating: Zero tolerance. No excuses.

Cheating as far as I’m concerned is the lowest of lows. Any credibility a person has in my eyes is lost the second they cheat on their partner. I don’t care what their reasons are, Goodbye and good luck!giphy

While everyone was ranting about Pippa being so stupid and naïve, my head was screaming “HE CHEATED! HOW ARE YOU NOT NOTICING THIS?” Not only did he show complete disrespect for his girlfriend, he also roped in Pippa who I feel is taking the brunt of this whole thing, even receiving death threats which is way out of order.

This whole affair is a prime example of the “Blame it on the other girl” situation, where the girl gets the blame instead of the boyfriend.

This isn’t a once off, it happens every day. Girls are often seen as the bad guys in situations like this. The word ‘Slut‘ is thrown around a lot nowadays and it is one term I can’t stand. Use as a joke between abusive best friends, fine.. but as an adjective or insult I feel is just bad form. Guys don’t get called sluts when they go out every week and come back with a different girl each time, no. It needs to stop, it’s 2015 people!

While the whole Pippa vs Matty thing isn’t over yet, Matty is still to give his side of the story. He’s taking his good sweet time so let’s hope its at least filled with dragons and shit!


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